Benwick Parish Council

The council has a number of roles. It receives monies via council tax, as well as from concurrent functions grants. The council then arranges the maintenance of the village verges, the pound and the cemetery. 

The council are also responsible for the first stages of planning applications, where they give their recommendations to Fenland DC who have the final say in whether plans are passed or rejected.

The parish council also own a number of the street lights in the village, and it is their responsibility to ensure that they are working correctly, many of the newer street lights have been adopted by Fenland DC or Cambridgeshire CC and the parish council report problems, should these ones not be working. 
As well as this, the Parish Council are responsible for:
The Bus Shelter
The War Memorial
The Cemetery
The Mooring
The Flagpole
The Pound
The Allotments

Some things the Parish Council are not responsible for are:
The Play Park

The High Street Cemetery (Strict Baptists)

The Old Cemetery, next to the present one

Even if the Parish Council is not responsible for something, it can be reported to them, and they will get in touch with the relevant people, this includes any problems you may encounter such as potholes in the roads, faulty street lights, empty grit bins, full street litter bins etc.

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