Benwick Parish Council

Benwick Parish Council consists of 7 elected members. Elections are held every four years, with the next one in 2019.

The Parish Council meets on the first working Monday of each month, in the church room of the village hall.

There are 15 minutes at the beginning of every Parish Council meeting where the public can ask any questions, or raise any concerns to the Parish Council.


    FDC’s Street Scene team have carried out patrols in the village following reports of excess dog fouling on the streets and footpaths. One area of concern is Doddington Road between High Street and Whittlesey Road.
    Although the ‘evidence’ of this offence is visible, it is very difficult to be in the right place at the right time to catch the dog walker responsible, so we are asking residents for their help in identifying this small minority who still persist in not clearing up, or don’t put their bags into a bin.
    With details such as a regular time, place and description, or ideally a name and address, we are able to target specific areas of concern and if witnessed, we can issue the offender with a fixed penalty notice for £75. The information can be emailed to , phoned in to 01354 654321, or call in to our hubs at Chatteris library or Fenland Hall, March. All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence. 


    During the summer the Parish Council organised for the street lights in the village to be assessed and tested for structural and electrical condition. As a result of this survey, and the report of faulty lights, they placed a Purchase Order in August to have the repairs/replacements with a street lighting company. The Parish Council have been advised that due to the lead time of ordering the parts and the ability to fit in the work by the company January 2020 is the expected date for repair.

  • Community Survey

    The Community Safety Partnership (CSP) has designed a survey that allows the community to highlight any issues that affect them or their local area. Information from these will be used to inform the priorities and the work of the CSP.
    The overall objective of the CSP is to work in partnership to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour.
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Next Parish Council Meeting 
Monday 3rd February 2020 at 7.30p.m
Church Room, Benwick Village Hall 

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